A Little Friend to Help Cope with Big Emotions

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A Calming Companion

Purrble® is an interactive plush toy designed to help kids manage their emotions and feel calm. The toy is five years in the making and grounded in behavioral research. Purrble is most appropriate for students ages 5–12, though there’s a growing body of research pointing to its usefulness with older kids in special education and Tier 2 settings. When big emotions bubble up, Purrble can help kids take the first step toward calm.

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How Purrble® Works

Purrble helps students get a handle on big emotions by appealing to their empathy.

When Purrble is upset, its heart beats quickly.
Children comfort and pet Purrble, slowing its heartbeat.
Purrble purrs when calm.

Where Purrble® Works

Purrble can help students tackle big emotions in all kinds of schools settings. These downloadable PDFs provide scripts and examples for how to use Purrble in an office-referral situation, in one-on-one or small-group settings, or in the classroom.


In an office-referral situation, Purrble helps students feel calm so they can engage in constructive problem-solving and make a plan to use their Second Step® skills in the future.

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One-on-One Support

In a one-on-one or small-group setting, Purrble can help students get a handle on big emotions like anxiety, fear, or excitement so they can stay focused on the task at hand.

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In a classroom setting, Purrble can help kids feel calm and get their minds ready for learning, whenever they need a little extra help.

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Born from Research

Purrble was developed by Committee for Children; researchers at King’s College London and the University of California, Santa Cruz; and Sproutel, a company that designs products for social good. The concept began with an in-depth research process that studied the behavior mechanisms that underpin fidgeting and how engaging play can help children focus, feel calm, and process big emotions.

Committee for Children is continuing to explore how Purrble can help students develop emotion-regulation skills, especially in the classroom.

A Beta Year Opportunity

This year, a limited number of Purrble calming toys will be available to school-based staff across the United States. Our beta year goal is to learn how Purrble affects your work with students. The downloadable PDFs on this page can help you use Purrble in interactions with students across many educational contexts.

To ensure that a wide variety of schools and educators are able to participate in this beta year, we’re limiting Purrble purchases to 10 toys per school.

If we run out of Purrbles before you make your order, you can use the form below to sign up for our wait-list. We’ll notify you when more Purrbles are available.


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